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Two years ago, I left the only state (Kentucky) I'd ever really known and started a new life in Atlanta, Georgia. Before I go into my time here, what I've learned, and the amazing people I've met, I need you to know this was not a well thought-out decision or a planned move with a lot of cushion in the bank. It was honestly more of a desperate need for a change. I needed to get away. Not from a person or even necessarily the place, but I needed a change in my daily routine. I was bored. I wasn't feeling challenged or scared or uncomfortable and at 22 years old, I saw something wrong in that.

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Humble Beginnings

Hey friends, I have some news to share! Are you ready? I am no longer a bluegrass gal but officially a Georgia peach, more specifically, an Atlanta Georgia peach!!! That's right, I have left my small, close-knit town to become a tiny little speck on huge grid. Scary? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Stressful? Yes. But as scary and stressful as this decision may have been, (not to mention the actual move, shew!!), I knew it was something I needed to do. Something I had to do. And a part of me always knew it would happen.

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