traveling has a way of making everything feel better again, feel right again. it makes me feel whole again. i love the city. the city energizes and inspires me but there is something so beautifully recentering about coming back from nature. back in october, i went to colorado for the first time, spending days in the never ending mountain ranges. the winding roads like stories of the years traveled, every turn like a secret of its own with a surprising reveal of beauty waiting on other side. we listened to tons of great music while driving through some of the most beautiful places in the world. music only intensifies my memories and brings a melody to the moment that somehow wasn’t created for it but fits it perfectly. the 1975 or the head and the heart blasting through the not great speakers of our little rental car. i was completely awestruck for 5 straight days, unable to do much other than cry at the glorious and majestic beauty of the mountains and of my god and his creation. on the plane ride home, i wrote these words to try to sum up how i was feeling. they will never do this trip or these memories justice, but i tried anyway.

i am riding on the feeling of how beautiful this world is. the feeling of being a tiny little speck surrounded by a never-ending range of mountains and ridges. roads winding up through the clouds and airplanes that fly even higher, making the cars from above seem like ants. the worries and stress of the day-to-day hustle cease to exist and you look out in awe and for just a moment, you feel whole. so whole you might actually burst. and to think that we, as humans, were created in the same image as the mountains, as the rolling hills and fall colors, and fluffy clouds. life and this earth is so beautiful and so are you. i hope you never stop believing that you hold within you all of the beauty of the entire world. you are the entire world.

marah rice