A Love Letter to NYC


Three years ago, Chelsea took me to New York for the very first time. It only feels right that we returned here three years later for her wedding, in the middle of manhattan, with the most unique ceremony I have ever seen or been to.

Being back in New York City always feels a bit like coming home to me. It brings about new inspiration, a new self-awareness, and even a new self confidence that no other city gives me. Everyone there is hustling and bustling to get to places, they wear what they want, they do what they want. Everything feels more sophisticated and more cool in New York. young 20 and 30 somethings spend their weekends in the park or at jazz bars. They train to meet their friends to try new coffee shops and new restaurants.

New York forces you to know who you are. You are surrounded by so many people, so much inspiration, it makes you take a step back and take a good hard look at what separates you from the crowd and then it screams “HOLD ON TIGHT. DON’T LOSE WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU!”

I like that. I like that New York shakes you awake and makes you feel alive.

I can’t quite put into words how I felt during this trip, whole is maybe the best word i could use. when you’re constantly searching I think you overlook most everything right in front of you. searching for identity, searching for success or validation or acceptance. to search means you’re missing or lacking. it means that whatever “it” is you are searching for is elsewhere. it completely overlooks what is here. what is now.

Thank you New York and for old friends, and new, for reminding me that there are so many things right here and now worth feeling excited about.

Below are some of my favorite moments and a playlist I made for you guys.

Everything I do is inspired by music. This playlist, for me, has so many songs that hold special memories from this weekend. Whether it was the song playing in the background at a bar, a song used in my friends wedding, a song I bonded with someone over, these songs are the sounds of summer, the sounds of love, the sounds of adventure and excitement and I hope as you shuffle through this playlist, you feel it.


There are moments and people from this weekend I will remember forever. The memories from my film camera will find a home on my fridge, but all of the moments that couldn’t be captured will forever live in my heart and my dreams.

chelsea and nate.jpg
marah rice